Jason Drake Photographer

I love these magic little machines called cameras, and everything that is simply called photography.

I was born in the UK and always knew I would be a photographer. My first memories are of my father behind the lens of a magic machine that made a funny click. My destiny was sealed at six when my I got my very own little box camera. I spent hours roaming the garden and often enlisted my little brother as my model. By ten I was enthralled in the school darkroom amazed as my world literally developed right in front of me.

After learning about the higher art of photography in my early twenties and assisting many fantastically creative photographers, I embarked on a decade of travel as a working photographer. Tahiti , Russia, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, America, Mexico, South America and Africa. The world and its people are wonderful. I returned to Canada to setup shop, first on the West Coast in Vancouver ... then all the way to the East Coast and the quirky city of St. John’s. Life being always interesting and inspirational, the opportunity to work in Europe presented itself once again during 2017. Now complete, I am happy to call the West Coast home again and have settled in the beautiful Comox Valley on Vancouver Island.

I have travelled the world and have seen many great places and met countless amazing people. Please feel free to contact me for all of your Photography and Design needs.



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